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Wente Scout Reservation

5401 Canyon Rd.
Willits, CA 95490

For Emergency Only

Phone: (707) 459-2110  Fax: (707) 459-1527


Special Programs & Activites

Wente Scout Reservation offers loads of pleasurable adventures outside of merit badges.

The Kali-Ama & King Kali-Ama

The Kali-Ama is a series of posts in Wente's outback. It's a great way to hone orienteering and map reading skills. Pick up a map and hit the trail. Map front & back

After conquering the Kali-Ama, why not take the next step and try and tackle the King Kali-Ama? These posts tend to be farther into the backcountry and more difficult to find. So, if you're up to the challenge, get out there and find the posts.


Our opening campfire on Sunday night is a great opportunity for Scouts to meet the staff, learn some of Wente's traditions, and get fired up about the week ahead. It's a great show and will sure to be fun for everybody with a pulse.

Wednesday night is set aside as Troop campfire night. You can get together with other Troops for a large campfire or just settle back in your site with your own Troop. Don't forget to invite staff members along for the show as well.

The closing campfire on Friday is a time when we present some awards earned throughout the week and is followed by our Finney Valley ceremony.


There are lots of places to go fishing, but only at Wente do you go out and enjoy a great day of fishin'. There is nothing like spending a day on the shore of the lake fishin' for that big 'ole large mouth bass.

Wente's 80 acre lake offers great fishin' for bluegill and the greatest fish of all, the large mouth bass. We recommend that you bring along your own gear. The Al Robinson Tradin' Post stocks some bait, lures, and bamboo rods.

With the exception of Fishin' and Fly Fishin' Merit Badges we practice catch and release.

The Wentathalon and Camp Wide Games

The ever popular relay race that is the Wentathalon returns for another thrilling season. Units will shoot, run, boat, and swim their way to victory. Try for the best time while having a Wonderful Wente time.

Friday afternoon all program areas will shut down for camp wide games. The games give Scouts the chance to have a lot of well earned fun at the end of the week. Things may get wet and messy; ah, who we trying to kid, things will get wet and messy, so come prepared.

Lunch Across the Lake

Tired of eating lunch in the dining hall after just a day or two of camp? Well try lunch across the lake for a change of scenery. Adult Leaders will have the chance to use their Safety Afloat training as you venture out in boats for a picnic lunch at Black Oak Point. Just sign up with the dining hall if you are interested.

Checking the Advancement Board

Each merit badge counselor keeps track of every Scout's progress on counselor records. Our advancement board, located in the Redwood Grove, is where copies of these records are posted. The records show the name and Troop number of each Scout as well as their attendance and any progress they are making toward the completion of a merit badge. The records are updates each afternoon and evening within an hour of program areas closing. This gives Scouts and leaders a wonderful opportunity to check on progress throughout the week.