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Wente Scout Reservation

5401 Canyon Rd.
Willits, CA 95490

For Emergency Only

Phone: (707) 459-2110  Fax: (707) 459-1527


Health Lodge

Wente provides a well-equipped Health Lodge run by a qualified Health Officer. All injuries and illnesses must be immediately reported to the Health Officer. Most minor injuries and illnesses can be handled by the Health Officer. Serious injuries or illnesses will be taken to a local medical facility where the camp has made arrangements for treatment. Transportation to the medical facilities is the responsibility of the unit, unless emergency medical treatment is necessary.

Medical Forms

As part of check-in, each individual will have a health screening. During this screening, each participant's medical forms will be reviewed. All Scouts and adults attending resident camp are required to have a BSA Medical Form, regardless of how long their stay in camp may be. If you do not have a current medical form you may not attend camp. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is recommended that you bring photocopies of these forms to camp and that the unit keeps the originals for future use.

In instances where medical evaluation is against religious beliefs, the requirement for medical examination forms can be waived. This requires written statements from the camper's parent or guardian and church officials that a medical examination is a violation of religious belief.

The Boy Scouts of America recommends that all youth and adult members have annual medical evaluations by a certified and licensed health-care provider. This form must be signed annually by the participant, their parent or guardian in the case of a minor, and by a certified and licensed health-care provider.


Boy Scout national policy states:
All prescription drugs (including those needing refrigeration) are to be kept in locked storage in the health lodge. An exception may be made for a limited amount of medication to be carried by a camper, leader, parent, or staff member for life-threatening conditions, including bee-sting or heart medication, and inhalers, or for a limited amount of medication approved for use in a first aid kit.

All medications taken at camp should be listed on the Annual Health and Medical Record and need to be available during the health screening. Each unit will be provided with a locker in the Health Lodge. The unit leader will be told the combination to the locker. Adult unit leadership will be responsible for seeing that the Scouts needing medication in their unit take the necessary medications at appropriate times in correct doses. Medications must be recorded in the provided log. This log must be left in the locker at the end of the week.