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Wente Scout Reservation

5401 Canyon Rd.
Willits, CA 95490

For Emergency Only

Phone: (707) 459-2110  Fax: (707) 459-1527


Arriving and Departing Camp

Arrival Day

Getting things off to a good start is vital to having a good week at camp. To make sure your first day is a good one, we suggest you arrive between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. Check in will begin promptly at 1:00ish.

Checking Into Camp

Your Troop will be met by a staff member in the parking lot. You will meet a camp commissioner and your Troop Guide who will take you to your campsite.
Having all forms and medications easily accessible will make your check in go much smoother.
Forms Checklist:
  -   Local Tour Permit if not from SFBAC
  -   Final Camp Roster, 3 copies
  -   Medical Forms
  -   Permission to shoot form

Moving Into Your Campsite

We highly encourage Scouts to hike their personal gear to the campsite. One car per unit at a time will be allowed to drive unit gear closer to the campsite.
An adult leader and your SPL should be present and ready to inspect your campsite with your Troop Guide and help make tent assignments. Please be aware you may be sharing your site with another unit and make arrangements accordingly.
Scouts should change into their swim gear in preparation for the camp tour. Be sure to have all Scouts and leaders wear close toed shoes and bring along a towel.


Camp Orientation Tour

Your Troop Guide will take you on a tour of camp that will last between 2 and 3 hours (perhaps more or less depending on the size of your unit, among other things). The tour will consist of: Medical Rechecks, Program Area visits, Swim Checks, and Dining Hall seating assignments and orientation.


Sunday Leaders Meeting

This meeting is to allow you to meet the Camp and Program Directors and your Camp Commissioner, as well as other unit leaders. We will discuss an overview of some camp policies and programs. We highly encourage each unit to have an adult leader and the SPL of the Troop present at this important meeting.

     Sunday Schedule
1:00    Check in and camp orientation
5:00 First Dinner waiters due
5:15 First Dinner
6:00 Flags; Diner 2 waiter due
6:15 Dinner 2
7:00 Scoutmaster and SPL meeting
8:30 Opening campfire


Monday/Saturday Arriving Troops

For those Troops that are restricted from arriving on Sunday due to religious beliefs, we will take every step to accommodate your needs. The alternate arrival times are Monday morning before breakfast or Saturday evening after dinner. Check in will take place on Sunday or Monday as necessary. Please contact the Camping Department to make these arrangements and call the Camp Office by the Monday prior to your expected arrival.
For those units arriving Saturday, please bear in mind that the camp staff is off and camp is closed. Troop activity is restricted to your campsite. Please do not arrive in camp expecting a fully functioning camp. Meals are not provided by the camp Saturday evening or Sunday morning so plan accordingly.

Early Release

There is a myriad of reasons why a Scout may need to leave camp early; sports, family activities, and school events are some of the popular ones. We have a few rules to ensure safety if an early departure is necessary:

  1. On the Scout's medical form ther is a section for adults authorized to take him home from events. The name of the person taking the Scout must be in this section for us to release him to them.
  2. Person(s) (including parents) providing early transportation out of camp must check-in at the camp office upon arrival.
  3. Before leaving camp, the Scout must check-out at the camp office with the Camp Administration. The unit leader and driver must be present at this time as well.

Checkout Day

Troops should plan on checking out by 10:00 am on Saturday. Your Troop Guide will come to your campsite directly after breakfast and check the following:

In addition, the Troop Guide and an adult leader will inspect the site for any damage that may have occurred to tents and other equipment during the week. Troops will be charged for any damage that occurs.