Working At Wente

At Wente we are always looking for good staff members. Staff applicants should be at least 16 years old by camp, but those 15 year olds who would like to come on as a Counselor In Training are welcome. CITs generally only come for a few weeks and get the experience of what staff life is like, ready to come back next year prepared for a whole summer.

We hold our interviews in January and February. For exact dates, see the Calendar page. If it is not yet January, you can get a Staff Application here. Fill it out and get it to the Council Office at the address on the form. In mid December a link to sign up for an interview time should become available.
2015 Staff:
2015 CITs:

If the interview dates have passed, call the office at (510) 577-9000 and see if you can set up your own interview. Interviewing late can be a detriment to your chances of being hired because we may have already filled the positions you are hoping for. It doesn't hurt to try though and you never know what is still going to be open or who isn't going to show up, leaving us searching for a replacement. If you are more of an email person you can try emailing